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The Social Value of Business

Business is a form of institution that has been the target of several political attacks from certain quarters. These attacks have various motivations, but among them is an effort to deligitimise the formal business sector and undermine its role in stopping corruption.

In order to clarify just why business is an important institution in South African society, Intellidex chairman Stuart Theobald produced a report presenting the facts and some conceptual analysis on the role that business plays. Along the way he targets many myths about business, such as that it externalises profits and is itself corrupt. Download the report here.

Ansys is SA’s Most Empowered Company

The most empowered company in 2017 is Ansys Ltd, an AltX-listed company that specialises in the design and development of IT systems. It operates under the ICT Sector Code.

Empowerdex Research & Advisory conducted the research and Intellidex produced a 16-page supplement to Business Report, the media partner for this research, which was published last week. Ansys received its award at a dinner event where ANC treasury-general Dr Zweli Mkhize was the keynote speaker.

Other awards went to:

Most empowered company under the old codes: Nedbank
Most empowered black-owned company: HCI
Most empowered black-managed company: Vodacom

Stockbroker of the Year

Standard Online Share Trading/Stockbroking is the Top Stockbroker of the Year. It won the Intellidex-Investors Monthly maiden award in 2010 and was again the overall winner in 2014 and 2016. FNB Securities wins the Top Advice Broker award and IG South Africa is the Top Online Broker. 28E Capital is the winner of the People’s Choice award.

Click here for the full report.