“ This year, as well as in 2016, the bulk of assets under management per client were between R3m and R10m ”

- 2017 Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers survey

“ 60% of private bank clients rate the quality of advice they receive as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ ”

- 2017 Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers survey

“ The percentage of private banking clients who feel they receive excellent value for money decreased from 25% in 2016 to 17% this year ”

- 2017 Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers survey

“ Of the 100 largest JSE-listed companies 87 conducted BEE deals, 35 of those included public benefit organisations ”

- 2017 Empowerment Endowment

“ Assets under management of R5.5 trillion, up from R4.7 trillion last year, while they spent about R1.9bn in brokerage last year and the previous year. ”

- 2017 Ranking the Analysts survey

“ R32.6bn in endowments now held by foundations set up as a result of BEE deals that will support charitable activities ”

- 2017 Empowerment Endowment

“ The percentage of wealth management clients who are “extremely likely” to recommend their institution declined to 53% from 78% last year ”

- 2017 Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers survey

“ This year, 35% of wealth management clients say they receive excellent value for money, down from 54% last year ”

- 2017 Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers survey

“ More than 70% or wealth management clients rate the quality of the advice they receive as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ ”

- 2017 Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers survey

“ R51.6bn value created specifically for charitable recipients through BEE deals ”

- 2017 Empowerment Endowment
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Researching Capital Markets and Financial Services

Latest News

Private Banks & Wealth Managers Awards 2014

The overall winners of our 2014 Private Banks & Wealth Managers survey are Standard Private Clients, which won the private banks category, and Sanlam Private Investments (SPI), which took the wealth managers award.

Investec Private Bank and Galileo Capital won the People’s Choice awards for private banks and wealth managers respectively, having received the highest rankings from its clients in our online survey.

What is clear from the survey is that, at a time when the wealth market is flourishing, private banks and wealth managers are taking nothing for granted. The best of a very good bunch continually add services and products, adapting particularly to client demands.

In Intellidex’s third assessment of the industry, it was clear that institutions have responded with more sophisticated offerings and substantial effort to deliver excellent services.


The research process informs an assessment leading to overall awards for top private bank and top wealth manager, the People’s Choice award for the two segments, plus awards made in five categories. The 2014 winners are listed alongside the categories below where applicable:



Best overall private bank in South Africa: Standard Bank Private Clients

Best private bank for successful entrepreneurs: Standard Bank Private Clients

Best private bank for up-and-coming professionals: Nedbank Private Wealth

Best private bank for wealthy executives: Absa Private Bank and Wealth

Best private bank for internationally wealthy families: Absa Private Bank and Wealth

Best private bank for passive lump-sum investors: Standard Bank Private Clients

People’s Choice Award: Investec Private Bank

Best overall private wealth manager: Sanlam Private Investments
Best wealth manager for successful entrepreneurs: PSG
Best wealth manager for up-and-coming professionals: Sanlam Private Investments
Best wealth manager for wealthy executives: Maitland
Best wealth manager for internationally wealthy families: Stonehage
Best wealth manager for passive lump-sum investors: Sanlam Private Investments

People’s Choice Award: Galileo Capital




Ranking the Analysts

The Financial Mail Ranking the Analysts survey is the market-leading assessment of institutional stockbrokers, including a thorough assessment of research, dealing, sales and other issues. The results and research reports will be published in the FM on 30 May 2014.

All the rankings and other findings in this survey are based entirely on a poll by confidential questionnaire of the opinions of the South African brokerage firms’ domestic institutional clients.

This year the survey is being produced through a new partnership between Financial Mail and Intellidex. Our aim is to ensure that Ranking the Analysts is produced to the same high standards as it always has been. The change is motivated partly by the retirement last year of Andrew McNulty who has overseen the production of the survey so effectively for many years.

Intellidex has retained the essential structure and system that has proved popular and valuable for so long. But we have tweaked the project to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the sell and buy sides, particularly following the feedback we received after last year’s results were announced.

Consequently, we introduced a new weighting element to the research process based on brokerage paid. This is mainly a result of changes in the investment landscape which we need to track. Results will therefore be provided for the first time from this year on the basis of three different weightings: unweighted, weighted by assets, and, additionally, weighted by brokerage. This is to ensure the survey best serves the business needs of all parties, and to provide a sense of the influence of a particular analyst in relation to actual market trading rather than merely the size of the institution. This also allows us to remove the size of brokerage as a weighting element, which threw up some anomalies last year.

SA’s Most Empowered Companies

SA’s Most Empowered Companies report will be published in the Mail & Guardian on 30 May 2014 . It provides rankings of listed companies with the highest BEE rankings across industry sectors.

This is the second year Intellidex and Mail & Guardian have teamed up to convey this important information to the market.

Last year’s overall Most Empowered Company was Nedbank, followed by Oceana Group, Adcorp Holdings and old Mutual.

Two things were apparent from last year’s survey: SA’s most empowered companies embrace transformation in its totality, and they use it boost their financial performance.

The result is a happy marriage between transformation and shareholder-pleasing profits.

Nedbank pays constant attention to every category of the empowerment scorecard and works hard to keep improving in each, ensuring a broad-based approach.

“Transformation goes beyond compliance,” says Kershini Govender, Nedbank’s divisional executive for transformation, strategy and alignment, “it is embedded in our business and is an integral part of building our business for sustainability and to play a meaningful role in the nation’s socioeconomic growth. We do it to remain relevant in the society in which we operate.”

Fishing and cold storage company Oceana Group has a similar attitude. “Successful transformation is driven by people at every level of the company,” says CEO Francois Kuttel. “It’s not just the person at the top directing it; unless you live the scorecard, it will be difficult to transform. There are very few decisions we make every day in which we do not consider what its effects will be on ongoing transformation.

“You also need to pursue it actively – set up the administrative and other structures and go out and constantly seek improvements. It doesn’t just happen.”

Nedbank has made strong gains in its empowerment scores since 2011, when the bank ranked third overall and Govender says that has been a major factor in the 30% rise in the company’s share price since end-2011. “The financial results improve as a result of the way you do business. The culture shifts have an impact throughout the company.”

Similarly, Oceana has moved up from 17th in 2011 and shareholders have seen their shares gain nearly 60%.