South Africa


PETER ATTARD MONTALTO: Where is the new economic stimulus debate?

December 31, 2020

SA needs new ideas for fiscal stimulus and financial support through the second wave and beyond.

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Reflecting on 2020 and the road ahead

December 22, 2020

Intellidex chair, Dr Stuart Theobald, assesses South Africa's performance over the last year and looks forward to the challenges of 2021

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PETER ATTARD MONTALTO: Labour problems and opportunities everywhere

December 21, 2020

A lot of misdirected conclusions have been drawn from the court judgment on the public sector wage bill

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STUART THEOBALD: ANC fails to use evidence in policymaking decisions

December 14, 2020

The lack of evidence-based thinking has also been prevalent in the economic response to the pandemic. Ultimately, evidence-based policy must be a culture more than a set of rules.

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PETER ATTARD MONTALTO: Time for state to get into gear on energy policy

December 7, 2020

The government should just get on with the business of dealing decisively with energy policy, show some leadership and cut the stalling. 

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STUART THEOBALD: Private infrastructure investment should take centre stage to rebuild economy

November 17, 2020

Ramaphosa could use the conference this week to shift emphasis away from public projects. 

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STUART THEOBALD: What now for the Covid-19 loan scheme?

October 19, 2020

Why lenders and borrowers have given the government’s bank guarantee loan scheme the cold shoulder.

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PETER ATTARD MONTALTO: Will it be doom or recovery?

October 12, 2020

The launch of the recovery plan by the president is a seminal moment which will define the path to economic doom or recovery.

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STUART THEOBALD: Data can’t be taken at face value during these strange times

October 5, 2020

Covid-19 has caused what statisticians call a regime change, because the underlying conditions that generate the data fundamentally changed during the lockdown.

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PETER ATTARD MONTALTO: Toxic brew of ANC decision-making poisons confidence

September 28, 2020

Scant insight into how government’s decision-making works is a problem that infects business and investor confidence. 

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STUART THEOBALD: Hard to tell where SAA’s flight of fancy will land

September 21, 2020

How is the sorry saga of SAA going to end?

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STUART THEOBALD: New accounting rules make comparing banks’ performance with 2009 hard

September 7, 2020

Companies must now expense the losses they expect to make as soon as their expectations change

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PETER ATTARD MONTALTO: Show us a proper road map, Mr President

August 31, 2020

SA’s wheels will just spin in the mud if it produces plans without specifics such as costs, responsibilities and timelines

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