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Posted in: Jobs on July 10, 2020

Intellidex is recruiting an equity research analyst to join its capital markets team, taking a role in leading equities and ETF coverage for our retail investor client base. This is a mid to senior position with leadership responsibilities for research in our retail investor segment.

The analyst will be part of a team that studies South Africa’s equity markets broadly, and some markets in other countries. In particular, he or she will lead the preparation of equity research reports on a broad range of JSE companies with an emphasis on small- and mid-cap sectors, as well as Intellidex’s coverage of local and international ETFs. This position involves financial modelling, valuation, discounted cash flow calculations, fundamental business analysis, general market awareness and participation in the capital markets team. While the role will be focused on servicing retail investors, the candidate will also have the opportunity to contribute to institutional research, servicing our global institutional client base.

He or she will also need a deep understanding of ETF regulatory guidelines and product structures to provide insight on the evaluation of a range of local and foreign ETFs, write ETF notes and conduct ongoing macro/micro research to identify developments that could impact ETFs covered by Intellidex.

The candidate will also provide support to strategy and market research teams.

Essential requirements are:

  • CFA designation or equivalent 
  • Previous experience in a sell side or buy side research role in a stockbroker or fund manager
  • Excellent knowledge of company financial statements
  • Strong financial analysis skills 
  • Able to provide examples of previous research reports

Only applicants who meet these essential requirements should apply.

Additional requirements are:

  • Good writing skills
  • Curious and enjoys problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Collaborates effectively in teams

You may also be interested in a junior research role we are also recruiting for.

Intellidex offers a unique environment that draws together top academic skills, financial markets research and insight on South Africa’s financial sector. We work with investors, financial institutions and domestic and international policymakers to improve outcomes for all South Africans. Intellidex is well-recognised for high quality research and you will become a core part of a highly skilled team, providing significant learning opportunities to advance your career.

Performance will be judged by the delivery of high-quality research projects and reports, as well as engagement with clients and other audiences. We have offices in Sandton, where this position will be based, London and Boston. The position will report to the head of capital markets research.

We offer a small company environment in which you will have considerable latitude to shape your role. Remuneration will be a mixture of basic (in the senior researcher range) and performance-based pay.

Our standards are high. You will be working with MBAs, CFA charterholders and PhDs on our team to ensure that Intellidex delivers high levels of client satisfaction and responds dynamically to new business opportunities.

If you are interested in the position, please send a covering letter in which you address the eight requirements listed above, using the form below. There is no deadline for applications, but the role will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is identified.

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