South Africa faces two big economic decisions this week

Posted in: Intellidex in the media on March 25, 2019

According to Intellidex’s Peter Attard Montalto, Moody’s has remained unjustifiably optimistic about South Africa for too long and appears to be taking whatever the government says and promises at face value. Read more in Business Tech 


PETER ATTARD MONTALTO: Sipho Pityana’s Busa letter shows despair can be useful

August 12, 2019

A kind of mass hysteria is breaking out, some of it justified. Sentiment is getting weaker because nothing is being done read more

STUART THEOBALD: Far from targeting Mkhwebane, banks are merely reacting to global pressure on money laundering

August 5, 2019

Public protector’s account is being investigated for exchange control violations and suspicious transaction from Hong Kong. read more

PETER ATTARD MONTALTO: SA tumbles in a slow-motion crash

July 29, 2019

Gains from improved collection by new management at the SA Revenue Service will be offset by emigration and lower growth than forecast. There are no gains to be had from higher taxes — they will... read more