Intellidex Top Securities Brokers Awards

Intellidex conducted the inaugural Top Securities Brokers of the Year awards in 2010 and it has since established itself as the industry’s premier rankings.

Top Securities Broker logo – New

This year the awards are getting a branding makeover. The new name is Intellidex Top Securities Brokers.
With the 11th edition of this highly regarded evaluation of the industry, we’ve made this change to reflect the activities and types of institutions that the project assesses. “Stockbrokers” are legally defined as individuals who are members of the SA Institute of Stockbrokers. As the awards recognise firms rather than individuals, there has long been a category mismatch between the awards and the technical meaning of the term (though we have always had the view that “stockbroker” has a generic meaning referring to firms that broker financial securities that is well understood).

The market that Top Securities Brokers assesses is far more diverse than stockbrokers alone. Clients can access a wide array of local and foreign instruments, from stocks through to over-the-counter derivatives written on foreign commodities and currencies. This scope of services has widened due to the rapid acceleration of financial markets technology that now brings services to retail investors that were unimaginable a decade ago.

The firms that offer financial securities can include registered stockbrokers or not, can be members of the JSE (or other exchanges) or not and can be registered financial services providers. The new brand now reflects this diversity.

The research project will be unchanged in its thorough assessment that includes a major survey of clients, submissions by firms, mystery shopping and desktop research culminating in a series of awards to reflect the best securities brokers in the market.

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