Press release: Intellidex announces name change to Krutham: A new era of impactful growth

Posted in: Intellidex in the media, Press Releases on August 8, 2023

Intellidex, the South African-born financial and policy advisory firm with a strong commitment to emerging markets, announced a significant transformation today as it rebrands to Krutham. The change is set to take effect on 15 August 2023, marking an exciting new chapter for the company.

Since it was founded 15 years ago, Intellidex has forged strong partnerships with government, financial institutions and other clients who share a dedication to advancing Africa’s financial landscape. As Krutham, the company embarks on a global journey to expand its reach and strengthen its impact on shaping financial systems to better deliver positive public good.

Founder and chairperson Dr Stuart Theobald commented on the name change, “Krutham is more than just a name; it symbolises the firm’s next development phase. As we continue our global growth, and we need a name that can resonate globally. While Intellidex has served us well, the name restricts us in certain countries.”

With its deep insights into financial industries and capital markets and a profound understanding of social impact and politics, Krutham is uniquely positioned to shape industries, drive progress, and contribute to a better future.

Krutham’s clientele ranges from global hedge funds to philanthropies dedicated to empowering communities, highlighting the firm’s versatility in delivering sophisticated financial solutions while being attuned to the evolving needs of societies worldwide. By straddling the spectrum of capital, Krutham supports its clients to reach beyond the obvious and collaboratively shape financial systems as a force for good.

“We deeply value the support and collaboration of our clients, which has been instrumental in our achievements so far,” added Dr Theobald. “This evolution is an important step forward as we strive to align our identity with our vision for the future and create a brand that authentically embodies who we have become. Our rebrand to Krutham reflects our commitment to growth, innovation, and collective aspiration to impact the world positively.”

About Krutham:

Krutham is a leading financial and policy advisory firm committed to driving positive impact in emerging markets. With a deep understanding of financial and capital markets, combined with a keen sense of social impact and politics, Krutham is dedicated to shaping industries and contributing to a better future. Straddling the spectrum of capital, Krutham works with diverse clients to deliver beyond the obvious and create financial systems that serve as a force for good. Krutham believes that financial systems are a force for good, and its role is to help maximise that good.


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